Life in Casey Containment

Well, this is not quite how I imagined my first blog post to be lol.  Starting a blog is something that I have wanted to do for years and years, but a lack of time has always axed any attempt of creating one.

I had always pictured this hopefully being about DIY projects + home decor or how I’m navigating being a millennial mom + entrepreneur, but we’re going to have to save those topics for another time – there are much more important things to tackle right now.

My name is Elise, I have a 2 1/2 year old + a 4 week old, and we are self isolating at home.

Today,  ordinary life as we know it has drastically changed + within just a matter of days we have all had to face a lot of major unexpected challenges.  The Coronavirus has us all facing an extreme case of life disruption, but thankfully for most of us that is all it is… life disruptions.  Working from home + staying in + missing a show + canceling a trip – temporary inconveniences, that are not life threatening.

Yet, when we start to think about the future and the ripple effects that this is going to have, that’s where the anxiety really starts to set in.  How Long is this going to last ?  How is this going to effect both Big + Small Businesses ?  Their employees ? Their families ?  What’s the stock market going to do tomorrow  ?  How is this going to effect us financially ?  The kids that depend on school lunches… what are they going to do?  How can we help???   The list goes on and on –

It is absolutely crucial, if possible, that we all stay home during this time.  What we do now matters, how we act now matters.  We owe it to the older generations + those with underlying health conditions whom we could be potentially putting at risk.  We also owe it to the ones that are making incredible sacrifices for all of us right now + the ones that don’t have the option to “sit on the couch and ride it out.”  Those that are putting their own health at risk + their families health at risk,  just to keep this country going.

The point of this post is –  I want to create a place where we can share resources. I have had so many people reach out over the past couple of days regarding ways to help.  Whether it’s how to help local food banks – ways you can support local businesses – resources available to the ones struggling with anxiety over this worldwide pandemic.

ALSO, my inbox has been flooded with examples on how to keep the Kids entertained + structured during this time.  With schools closing + playgrounds shutting down + people being told to WFH (work from home) – we need all the help we can get !  (especially those that that are now trying to take work calls while attempting to minimize the sounds of commotion in the background LOL!)  

All of the recommendations that people have been sending over have been truly awesome + so so helpful. I want this to be a place where I can share those tips + tricks and anything else I come across over the next couple weeks – so that we can attempt to make this time of self quarantine a little easier on all of us  : )

stay tuned + stay healthy everyone






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